Welcome to Roy

Roy is a web based strategy clicker game where you play as a regular person trying to make it big in life.

How to Play

Tap on the first job to begin earning money. But beware this will deplete your Food and Energy as well as taking time to complete.

Actions have Consequences

You can see exactly how much each click affects your Food, Energy, Health, Time, etc by checking the stats under the action name.

Replenishing Yourself

Click on the bar you want to replenish and select the option that best suits your situation.

Unlocking Jobs

Over time you will unlock new jobs which may require a certain level of education, transport or property. You can purchase these from their individual categories.

Daily Costs / Gains

Some assets you buy may have daily costs or gains. You can see your total Costs and Gains next to your player icon.


Click the player icon to open the upgrades menu. Here you can purchase upgrades to make your life easier.

One more thing

If you ever want to move your save to a different device, or view game stats. Click the "Options" icon on the right side of the player card.

On life support

You've entered a deep coma. There is a procedure available that will get you back on your feet, but it's not cheap. Pull the plug or perform a costly operation to revive yourself.

REVIVE $1,000,000


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PAY $350


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Can't Afford



Personal Chef

Your food reduces 15% slower with each Chef you hire.


Personal Assistant

Your energy reduces 15% slower with each Assistant you hire.


Blood Boy

Your health reduces 15% slower with each Blood Boy you hire.


Financial Manager

Your profits from assets you own are doubled with each Financial Manager you hire.


Eat Trash


Eat Oats


Eat Burger


Eat at Restaurants


Eat at Buffet


Sleep in the Street


Sleep in Bed

Requires: Accommodation


Drink Coffee


Drink Energy Drink




Adrenaline Injection


General Pill


Local Doctor




World Class Hospital


Blood Transfusion


Body Transplant



18 Years & 0 Days old




Requires: Nothing

$1 Pay

Wash Cars

Requires: Shoes

$13 Pay


Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, Primary School

$24 Pay


Requires: Shoes, Car, Accommodation, High School

$36 Pay

Truck Driver

Requires: Shoes, Truck, Accommodation, High School

$50 Pay

Factory Worker

Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, General Training

$70 Pay

Office Manager

Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, University

$100 Pay

Cafe Owner

Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, University, Cafe

$150 Pay

Software Developer

Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, Masters Degree

$250 Pay

IT Company Owner

Requires: Accommodation, Masters Degree, Office

$475 Pay

Airline C.E.O

Requires: Shoes, Accommodation, Masters Degree, Office, Private Jet

$960 Pay

Movie Producer

Requires: Shoes, Masters Degree, Private Jet, Helicopter, Penthouse

$2,000 Pay

Arms Dealer

Requires: Shoes, Masters Degree, Office, Helicopter, Penthouse, Factory, Truck Fleet

$4,500 Pay

Space Launch Enterprize C.E.O

Requires: Shoes, Masters Degree, Office, Helicopter, Penthouse, Factory, Rocket Fleet

$9,800 Pay

Asteroid Mining C.E.O

Requires: Shoes, Masters Degree, Office, Factory, Rocket Fleet, Mansion, Deep Space Depot

$22,000 Pay

Dark Matter Manufacturer

Requires: Shoes, Office, Helicopter, Rocket Fleet, Mansion, Deep Space Depot, PhD in String Theory, Power Plant

$50,000 Pay

Interstellar Theme Park Tycoon

Requires: Shoes, Office, Mansion, Rocket Fleet, Deep Space Depot, PhD in String Theory, Power Plant, Hover Shuttle Fleet, Interplanetary Biosphere

$110,000 Pay

Illegal Alien Tech Smuggler

Requires: Mansion, Deep Space Depot, PhD in String Theory, Orbital Patrol Routes, Space Escort Gunships, Deep Space Transport Vessel

$250,000 Pay

Life Elixir Manufacturer

Requires: Deep Space Depot, Space Escort Gunships, Deep Space Transport Vessel, High Level Alchemy, Star Harvesting Dyson Sphere

$560,000 Pay

Micro Universe Energy Producer

Requires: Deep Space Depot, High Level Alchemy, Star Harvesting Dyson Sphere, Interdimensional Wormhole, Large Particle Accelerator

$1,250,000 Pay



Requires: Nothing



Requires: Nothing



Requires: Nothing


Private Jet

Requires: Hanger



Requires: Hanger


Truck Fleet

Requires: Nothing


Rocket Fleet

Requires: Launch Site


Hover Shuttle Fleet

Requires: Nothing


Space Escort Gunships

Requires: Launch Site


Deep Space Transport Vessel

Requires: Launch Site


Interdimensional Wormhole

Requires: Nothing



Primary School

Requires: Nothing


High School

Requires: Primary School


General Training

Requires: High School


Study at University

Requires: High School


Master's Degree

Requires: High School


PhD in String Theory

Requires: High School


Orbital Patrol Routes

Requires: PhD in String Theory


High Level Alchemy

Requires: PhD in String Theory



Rent Apartment


Buy Cafe


Buy Apartment


Buy Office


Buy Hanger


Buy Penthouse


Buy Factory


Buy Launch Site


Buy Mansion


Build Deep Space Depot


Build Power Plant


Interplanetary Biosphere


Star Harvesting Dyson Sphere


Large Particle Accelerator